Idaho Surf Program/Player Pathway

The Idaho Surf Soccer Club hopes to be the home for aspiring soccer players from the time they are five years old to 18. Therefore, its programs facilitate age-appropriate soccer development at every stage.

A Development Program for players ages 5 to 18

It’s our hope that families stick with us throughout the lives of their children. Idaho Surf program supports soccer skill development from the early years up through high school. Based on the US Soccer Curriculum, children are trained and evaluated based on age-appropriate skills and measures.While younger players gain a solid soccer foundation, older players are prepared to play at the highest levels – having opportunities to team up with players from other Surf affiliate programs and play in Surf Soccer tournaments in front of college scouts and coaches. The older players also have access to College ID camps and a program to support their college-level goals. Players at these levels also have opportunities to “play up” and combine with the most competitive players to team up for special events. Our players have opportunities to try-out and train in Olympic Development Programs (ODP), Surf Elite Program, Surf Select Program, as well as, placement on US Soccer Elite Leagues around the country and overseas programs. Finally, our players have access to a dedicated indoor training facility with year-round skills development classes, small-sided tournaments, camps, clinics, and college placement programs.
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These two divisions (Juniors Academy & Pre-Academy) develop in our “Little Kickers” Program/League. Key features of our “Little Kickers” Program is the focus on enjoying the game. Promoting individual creativity, lots of touches on the ball, and most importantly having fun with your teammates.
Intro to Surf Competition: Elite, Blue, White (Flight 1, 2, & 3)
Focus on Ball Mastery in preparation for our Competitive and Academy Programs. Trained on dribbling, body-positioning, overlapping, give-and-go, and goalkeeping. Play-up opportunities, Spring and Fall League (IYSA), & Tournaments. Licensed coaching, competitive development of skills and tactics. Continued Focus on technical aspects of the game, creativity, and intro to higher level tactics. These two divisions; Blue (Flight 2) White (Flight 3) through our disciplined curriculum these teams should be at the top of their flights. Access to College Preparation Program and College ID Camps.
Our Academy Teams compete, Regionally, Nationally, & International. Next Level discipline, training, and results. Higher tiered U.S. League Play. Flight 1 competition and higher level commitment training. Frequent team travel in leagues and tournaments. Representing Idaho Surf Soccer Club with integrity, mind set, and high level skill. Access to College Preparation Program and College ID Camps, opportunities with ODP Programs, and Elite Programs Domestically with Surf Select and International opportunities.