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Idaho Youth Soccer Association (IYSA)
Did you know?

IYSA is our local Soccer Association that all competitive clubs are members of. IYSA is a soccer association affiliated with USYS (United States Youth Soccer)

A Message From IYSA:

“In a nutshell clubs can have players sign early; It is not in common to do so especially if you have no intentions of trying out elsewhere, HOWEVER they are not considered binding in anyway until after the week of tryouts as parents and players are allowed seek other opportunities during that week.

So if a parent signs for club X and then goes to tryouts, DURING INITIAL TRYOUT WEEK, of club Y and likes it enough to switch, then during that week (not later) they can inform club X that any paperwork with club X is considered null and void.

Fear Tactics used by Clubs to strong hold their players – These are the; “all about the money clubs” and you should be aware!

  • Sign now or you will lose your spot
  • Pay $250 or other amount to secure your spot
  • Trapping players and families with contracts and not releasing or transferring players
What kind of organization are you supporting?

Fear should not be a tactic used in youth sports. Tactics to strong arm their families and contracts to lock in players. Clubs fear losing players, are all about the money and pass the fear onto their families by using fear tactics! Ethical? This is youth sports and about finding the right fit for your player! 

We at Surf stand behind our Development Process and Programs! We are all about the player and family and strive to create the Best of the Best experience. We understand that we may not be a good fit for your player and family and we embrace the opportunity to recommend other programs that may be a better fit.  

Tryout week is your time to make the best decision for you players development!

Can’t make tryouts?

Always an option!

Request a time to have multiple players evaluated for team placement. Email: [email protected]