The Idaho Surf Soccer Club hopes to be the home for aspiring soccer players from the time they are 5 years old to 19. Therefore, its programs facilitate age-appropriate soccer development at every stage.
The Juniors Academy is for players who are just starting to show serious interest in soccer. The Surf Academy has 3 divisions. The Juniors Academy “Little Kickers” division is for U5 to U8players, the Pre-Academy division is for U8 and U9 players, and the Academy division for U9-U10. The Academy builds on from the Pre-Academy which builds on from the Juniors Academy, and players are evaluated at every level on their soccer skills and soccer knowledge to be sure they are prepared to move up to the Competitive and Elite levels.
The advantages of Idaho Surf Academy over other regional options at the younger ages include licensed professional coaches, longer seasons, and more opportunities to learn and play soccer!
Academy players are also trained through a proven curriculum by coaches who use approaches and resources provided through The Coaching Manual and engage with the Positive Coaching Alliance and Changing the Game Project – keeping the fun in the game!

Surf Junior Academy
“Little Kickers” (U5-U8)

The Idaho Surf Juniors Academy program is for kids introduction to the game of soccer. Creative technical training to promote a fun, creative and a love of the game environment.
Striving to become better players in a more competitive environment and demonstrate love for soccer as they grow to U5-U8. These kids are ready for more advanced training and are focused on improving both technically and introduction to tactical. The focus at this level is basic athletic skills – developing one-on-one relationship with the ball using individual technical skills to manipulate the ball, pass, run, strike while developing speed, agility, balance, and coordination.

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This program will enable your child to:
  • Have fun whilst learning
  • Gain a love for the game
  • Develop their abilities on the ball
  • Find themselves as a player

This program is a low-pressure environment where the individual technical development is the main focus. It will give your player confidence and set them up for an exciting future in soccer!

Pre-Academy (U9-U10)

The Academy builds on the Pre-Academy program with a focus on ball mastery. Ball mastery is taught through age-appropriate exercises, developing critical technical skills like dribbling, body position, faking, overlapping, give-and-go, and goalkeeping. By the time players finish the Academy program, they should be well-prepared to make the Idaho Surf Competitive or Elite teams.